Rental Costs

Performance Rental Rates

Merchant Hall
Performance packages run $8,000 to $12,000/day. Learn more about this space. 

Gregory Family Theater
Performance packages run $6,000 to $8,000/day. Learn more about this space. 

Jacquemin Family Foundation Rehearsal Hall
Performance package run $4,000 to $6,000/day.

Contact the Office Manager for costs in other spaces or a specific estimate.

Rental rates include the room rate per day and vary by day of the week. Non-profit discounts are available for IRS-recognized non-profit organizations. Cleaning charge, labor, and equipment charges are additional and not included in the room rate. Labor rates are based on the needs of your specific performance. Each theater requires a minimum number of required Hylton Center staff including technicians, ushers, porters, and possibly police, on duty per performance.

Rent the Hylton Center for a performance

Reception and Event Rental Rates

The Hylton Performing Arts Center has multiple spaces available for special events. Prices vary per day of the week and organizational status – nonprofit organization discounts are available. Basic equipment owned by the facility is included in your rental. This includes available tables and chairs, as well as certain theater equipment in the theater spaces. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Most receptions occur in the Gregory Family Theater with reception packages that generally cost $3500 to $4500. Package costs in other spaces vary from $1000 in small spaces for simple events to $10,000 or more in Merchant Hall. Event packages include the base room rate, plus cleaning charges and the required Hylton Center staff as determined after discussion with the Office Manager. Labor rates include technicians, ushers, porters and possibly police and are based on the needs of your event. 

Rent the Hylton Center for your special event

If you prefer to discuss the details of your event with the Office Manager, please contact Emily or 703-993-1234. Detailed information about space and equipment needs as well as a timeline of your event will allow for an accurate estimate.