Education and Rehearsal Wing

The Education and Rehearsal Wing completes the original vision for the Hylton Performing Arts Center.

Finalizing its footprint with a design informed by several years of programming experience and a clear understanding of what this region requires in order to excel as a sophisticated arts community, this expansion allows the artists and arts educators of our community to fully facilitate the entire life-cycle of artistic creation.

The Education and Rehearsal wing comprises 17,000 additional square feet of space for rehearsals, classes, and performances, as well as two additional lobby spaces.

Education and Rehearsal wing
Rick Davis officially opens the Education and Rehearsal Wing at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

This increased space allows us to:


The fully outfitted classroom spaces within the new wing allow students and artists of all ages to learn, practice, and perfect their craft at the Hylton Center, under the tutelage of George Mason University’s nationally renowned professors, Lifelong Learning lecturers, and professional artists.


The Jacquemin Family Foundation Rehearsal Hall is the precise floor size of the Merchant Hall stage, and the Ballard Postma Studio is the footprint of the Gregory Family Theater, allowing arts groups to stage full-scale rehearsals. The flexible seating and technical elements, as well as fully outfitted acoustic treatments and sprung dance-floors, provide these groups with the facilities required to create excellent artistic performances.


The Large Rehearsal Hall and Ballard Postma Studio have the capabilities of a recital hall, providing a professional space for instrumental and vocal music students to perform recitals or small concerts, sharing the great art of our region with the community and with the world.


All of the spaces in the new Education and Rehearsal Wing play a role in serving community events—from corporate meetings and conferences to galas and celebrations. The Hylton Center is fully equipped to host community and corporate events, enhancing the profile of the region as a cultural, educational, and business destination.

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